2019 | 11 | for 10 singers

collaboration with Fojan Gharibnejad & Zachary Seely
Commissioned & Premiered by
AuditivVokal Dresden, Dir. Olaf Katzer
September 13, 2019 in Hannover, Germany – chor.com Festival

hēmi- is a work made in collaboration between composers Fojan Gharibnjead & Zachary Seely. The piece draws upon inspiration from the works of Dr. Angela Davis & her incredible legacy of revolutionary championing of fundamental rights and seeks to develop a cultural exchange towards new artistic expression & political initiatives. hēmi- reflects on the individual personal experiences of the composers and serves as a collection of exchanges both artistically & politically. The work was composed during a time when the relationship between the composers’ birth-nations was in a dangerous state. The two first met in Leipzig, where they become colleagues, actively sought to share their perspectives of the world & art with one another, and were each inspired the other’s artwork & ideas. In order to defy the the socio-cultural norms of their time they collaborated on a composition which explores their shared interests & struggles both musically & politically.

Program Note by Zachary Seely & Fojan Gharibnejad:

Affirmation Despot

What will you say to the face of being?

the black night sky sits gently in the soft hand of time and pricks the heart of might

About Zachary Seely

Composer, Conductor, & Guitarist/Improvisor

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