Skypia Brass Quintet premieres “…KOMMEN SIE REIN…”

Huge thanks to the Skypia Brass Quintet for premiering my work “…KOMMEN SIE REIN…” last evening at the HMT Leipzig Kammermusikwettbewerb. I was worried that the piece could come across as too dramatic or take away from both the musical & social intentions of the work, which aims to honor the struggles endured by all who seek refuge in foreign lands. There are specific musical references to victims of war & those who have died at sea. The musicians were sincere in their interpretation & it was incredibly powerful. Some audiences members, including myself, were nearly moved to tears by their performance, which is something I have never experienced through my own music before. It was a very complex/conflicted feeling, which I might write about in the future, once I can better process my thoughts. The work presents a variety of musical challenges & is quite physically demanding.

The quintet gifted me these beautiful flowers, which, as a nature lover, are very much cherished.

About Zachary Seely

Composer, Conductor, & Guitarist/Improvisor

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