Ensemble Linea 2018 Academy

Hi All.

Zachary M. Seely here, your new music wanderer.

I’m on my way to my next destination, Strasbourg, France, where I will stay for one week to participate as a conductor in the Ensemble Linea 2018 Academy.

I look forward to the chance to improve my conduction abilities & meet some new fellow advocates of contemporary music.

I’ll work with Léo Warynski (director of Multilatérale & Les Métaboles), whom I also studied with last summer at Royaumont. As participants, we will have the chance to present the following works:

• Pierre Boulez, Le Marteau sans maître, 1954
for voice, flute, percussions, guitar and alto.
•Aurélie Elles Copes, Corno el Air
for flute, harp, violin, cello, clarinet, accordion, percussions.
•Isabelle Mundry, Traces des moments, 2000
for clarinet, violin, cello, accordion.
•Juan Arroyo, Sismo, 2015
for accordion, violin, cello, piano, saxophone.
•Philippe Leroux, AAA, 1996
pour flute, clarinet, violin, alto, cello, piano, percussions.
• Allain Gaussin, Harmonie des sphères, 2006
pour flute,clarinet,vibraphone, piano, violin, cello.

There will also be several solo performances by the academy staff & participants.

au revoir

About Zachary Seely

Composer, Conductor, & Guitarist/Improvisor

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